Where to go pumpkin picking 

Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

Looking to go pumpkin picking this fall season? Check out this list of places where you can go!

  • Abma’s Farm
    700 Lawlins Road
    (201) 891-0278
  • Conklin Farm U-Pick
    65 River Road
    (973) 400-9460

  • Demarest Farms
    244 Wierimus Road
    (201) 666-0472

  • Donaldson Farms Farm Market
    358 Allen Road
    (908) 852-9122

  • Giamarese Farm
    155 Fresh Ponds Road
    East Brunswick
    (732) 821-9494

  • Happy Day Farm
    106 Iron Ore Road
    (732) 977-3607

    For more locations and more information, click here.

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