Harrison Station Platform Expansion Opens

PATH-harrison-station-replacement-aboutA new section of the Harrison PATH station’s westbound platform for trains headed toward Newark has opened. Commuters boarding the train to Newark will make a right onto the platform, while the east end will be closed to make way for construction of the new station entrance.

A similar change was made to the eastbound platform last week.

PATH is replacing the nearly 80-year-old depot with a state-of-the-art, gleaming glass-and-steel station with modernized amenities. This $256 million project will feature new glass-enclosed, weather-protected station entrances, modern elevators, widened stairs and escalator access to both platforms. Additionally, the platforms will be extended to accommodate longer, 10-car trains on the Newark–WTC line.

The new station is being constructed alongside a broader redevelopment plan put forth by the officials in Harrison, including a mixed-use commercial and residential development, the Red Bull Arena soccer stadium and enhanced public spaces.

This project will create 1,080 jobs, $72 million in wages and $344 million in economic activity.

To see the new PATH Harrison Station progress update, visit https://youtu.be/-nLjL7k-jg4.


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