New York Giants Players Give Thanks


New York Giant Defensive Tackle, Cullen Jenkins (#99) is assisted by Stop & Shop’s, Sal Marconi (left) and Jose Alexandre (right) as New York Giants Players unloaded 1,500 Thanksgiving Turkeys that Stop & Shop donated to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. Former Giants’ Running Backs Billy Taylor and Rodney Hampton, Wide Receivers Stephen Baker and Chris Calloway, Guard Rich Seubert, Punter Jeff Feagles and Defensive End Leonard Marshal also took part.

New York Giants Football Players Unloaded 1,500 Thanksgiving Turkeys that Stop & Shop donated to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

Stop & Shop’s Turkey Express program delivered nearly 21,000 turkeys to hunger relief organizations in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island this holiday season.

Hunger remains a very real problem in New Jersey with more families forced to make donated food an ongoing, basic part of their plan to make ends meet. More people are coming more often to pantries and other feeding programs because they are forced to use their ever-eroding resources to pay for other critical needs such as housing, transportation and medicine, with little or nothing left over for food. In the past year, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey distributed a record 44.6 million pounds of food. Almost 900,000 people in New Jersey rely on food banks, and 7.7 million times a year, someone in need is fed by a food bank partner charity.

  • Almost 400,000 children in New Jersey (nearly 1 in 5) are food insecure.
  • A great many families rely on public and private assistance to help feed their children, utilizing resources including school breakfasts and lunches, after-school meals, summer feeding programs, BackPack and Kids Cafe programs and other food provided by the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and its partner charities.
  • 77% said they had to choose between paying for utilities or food.
  • 73% chose between medicine and food.
  • 70% chose between housing and food.
  • 61% chose between transportation and food.
  • 35% chose between education and food.
  • 75% said they purchased inexpensive, unhealthy food as a way to cope.
  • 57% had a household member with high blood pressure.
  • 28% had a household member with diabetes.

Stop & Shop donates over $12 million in product and financial support to individual food banks. In addition to the Turkey Express program, Stop & Shop continues to fight hunger through the Food for Friends campaign, which will raise more than $1 million this year for more than 300 local hunger relief organizations through the states that it operates in.


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