The Daily News’ “The best of New York real estate” features Harrison Station

Our picks for the best hotel, pool, rental value, luxury condo and more



By JASON SHEFTELL/ New York Daily News

Real estate is all about the “WOW.” We see a lot of it. Sometimes 10 to 20 buildings and apartments per week. We don’t write about all of them. We pick the best. One thing you learn quickly is that every property has a soul. A place where that buyer or renter thinks to themselves, “I want to live here.” When that happens, it’s thrilling, like getting a crush on someone. You kind of have to see it again, or just stay there, in that place, and think, “how can I make this happen?” Here’s a list and look at some of the things that made us say “wow” this past year, and wonder, “what do we have to do to live right here?”


Harrison, N.J.: Ironstate, the developers, know a good thing when they see it. Great transportation to Manhattan on the PATH, a soccer stadium, and a multiphase rental rollout that includes a Starwood hotel, and voila, a strong rental climate drawing young people from New Jersey and the city.

Learn more about Harrison Station at


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